Host a skills workshop: Employer form 2020/21

Employer workshops with learning outcomes aim to prepare students to make the transition from education to work, covering all aspects of the selection and recruitment process. Workshops should cover the skills that are most valued by employers, how students can demonstrate and reflect on their skills, and how to articulate their experiences clearly during recruitment.
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Skills Workshop

Thank you for your interest in engaging with City's students by hosting an employer workshop on campus. Delivering a workshop with learning outcomes will help to raise awareness of your company brand and increase the number and calibre of students applying for your opportunities. Please complete all of the required fields in this form so that we can best accomodate your request and ensure that we attract your required target student audience.
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Workshop packages

City charge a nominal admin fee to host workshops on campus. We are also keen to know how competitive City students and alumni are in the graduate labour market so that we can continue to support our students' career aspirations as best we can. We are therefore interested to know of any historical recruitment data you might have pertaining to City students; if you are able to share anonymous City recruitment data with us you will receive a 50% discount off hosting a workshop.

Workshop with recruitment data provided: £50+VAT

Please select this option if you have previously recruited from City and can provide anonymous recruitment data relating to the some of the following: - Number of applications received - Data relating to candidates' performance during the various stages of your recruitment process - Number of successful hires. We also highly welcome anonymous national student recruitment data.

Workshop without data: £100+VAT

Please select this option if you do not hold any recruitment data and are unable to comment on recruitment of City students and alumni. We would be happy to discuss ways in which we can assist you to hold this data.

Please select your package
Please provide a title for your event. A clear and effective workshop title should give students an immediate insight into what your session is about so that they are drawn to finding out more information about the content and the benefit they'll get from attending.
Please provide a summary of your event and an event description to assist us in effectively marketing the session (410 - 2000 characters)
Please provide a summary of which students you wish to target through your workshop and why to assist us in effectively marketing the session (150 - 200 characters)
Please provide 3 to 4 learning outcomes that students can be expected to take away from the session (210 - 290 characters)

Preferred date and time

Please provide your ideal date and time and an alternative date that you would like to host your workshop. We recommend Monday to Thursday at either 11am - 1pm or 12pm - 2pm or 6pm - 8pm.
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